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Fight For Your Parental Rights & Child Custody as a Fatherfather with child

In a California divorce, unlike many other states, the mother of your children does not automatically get custody. The family courts in Glendora and Irvine look at a variety of factors when it comes to determining custody and other parenting issues.

Some of these considerations include:

  • Minimizing disruption to the children
  • Holding both parents equally responsible for financial support
  • Agreements reached by the parents regarding parenting arrangements
  • Extenuating circumstances, such as domestic violence, drug problems, or other trauma

Courts are required to assume both parents are equally capable of raising the children unless shown otherwise. Unfortunately, sometimes the mother of your children will not be willing to share fairly. They may use your kids as a way to get back at you or may accuse you of wrongdoing to limit your access to children.

If you suspect that custody issues will be contentious, it is especially important to have a Glendora family law attorney on your side. At the Law Office of Charles J. Morris, Jr., we will fight for your parental rights. We will work hard on your behalf while also focusing on making sure the family stays healthy in the process.

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Handling Custodial Adjustments

In California, the court may update custodial arrangements over time. While the first plan may have the mother with primary custody for very young children, as they grow up you may seek to get an agreement for more shared time. In addition, financial obligation is shared equally. If your partner has not been working and has been home with children, they have a duty to become self-supporting within a reasonable period.

father and child walking together at the beachThe laws in California on child custody and father's rights provide an opportunity for both parents to seek custody and visitation of their child. In the past, the courts have often favored mothers in awarding full custody. However, more and more fathers are now successfully obtaining their rights to custody and visitation.

Both parents deserve a healthy relationship with their children, even in the case of a divorce. Let our skilled Glendora and Irvine family lawyer help. We can assist you in protecting your rights as a father.

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